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INTRODUCTION Resilience is a valuable commodity in times of disruption, because it is a foundation on which reliability and trust are built. Through 2020 in particular, we have all encountered the truth of this in many ways. Our company has its roots in forestry, which means it is second nature for us to think in terms of extended timescales and cycles – just as the forest and the natural world require us to. STIHL is celebrating its 95 th anniversary this year. The company, which was founded almost a century ago by Andreas Stihl, is to this day still committed to our grandfather's innovative spirit and drive. We – now in the 3 rd generation of the Stihl family – believe that the guarantee of the company's resilience is in its power to innovate, and ambition to always be a technological leader. Whether you choose our combustion engines, cordless technology or digital services such as fleet management for professional customers, as a STIHL user you can rely on us and be sure that with every development and every new advancement, we deliver a tangible improvement – for example in terms of performance, ease-of-use, design or services. We do our utmost to reinforce your trust in our sustainability and the dependable quality of our products and services. Ultimately, we create tools and solutions for you; so that you can master the tasks you face in nature with ease and enjoy growing with these challenges. Selina Stihl Vice-Chairperson of the Advisory Board Dr Nikolas Stihl Chairman of the Advisory Board Karen Tebar Vice-Chairperson of the Advisory Board Your Stihl family Committed to the founder's spirit of innovation ƒ 2

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