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Reprogramming Methods There are two methods for reprogramming StarFire™ 3000 receivers. The instructions below outline how to use each method. Note: The StarFire™ 3000 20-2 software update introduces new StarFire™ Signal frequencies. Older StarFire™ frequencies will be unavailable after February 1, 2021. If the "Default Frequency" box is not checked, this box must be checked to track the new frequencies. The recommendation is to use the default frequency as the receiver will select the optimal correct frequency based on location. Over the Air Generation 4 Display 1. If you are using a Generation 4 display with an active Wi -Fi® connection or a Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) connected to an active Wi-Fi® connection or good cellular coverage, the StarFire™ 3000 receiver can be updated using Over the Air updates. NOTE: An active JDLink™ subscription is required to use the MTG cel lular connection. 2. Check for updates online > for other devices and review available updates. 3. Select GPS Receiver. Click install. An active connection is required during this step. Download time is dependent on internet connection. 4. Once the update is downloaded, reprogramming will typically take 20 minutes for StarFire™ 3000 Receiver. 5. Select "Software Manager". 6. Select "Check for Updates online". 7. Select "View Updates for Other Devices". 8. Select "GPS Receiver". 9. Select correct file for programming and download. Download time is dependent on internet connection. 10. StarFire™ 3000 Receivers will typically take 20 minutes to complete the software update. 11. Keep the key switch in the ON or ACCESSORY position during reprogramming. StarFire™ 3000 Software Reprogramming

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